Venified Purchase
efitheodoro – 22/11/2017

I am very happy with this product and will definitely continue using it. After the very first week of use, the results of Kinisis Progen were amazing! I am very happy with this product and will definitely continue using it.

Effective, I would buy again
Venified Purchase
Panagiotis_Giagt… – 11/06/2018

Absolutely amazing supplement! Amazing product! My knee pain went away and I didn’t require physical therapy!!! I didn’t expect it..

Effective, I would buy again

Where kinisis progen helps? 

kinisis progen is highly indicated for cases such as:

• Degenerative diseases
• Recovery from injuries
• Injury prevention
• Strained joints

Joint pain. Start kinisis progen now!

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The science behind kinisis progen

kinisis progen contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help strengthen the joints and treat the pain.

Hyaluronic acid and
chondroitin sulfate complex

Enriches the synovial fluid
Ensures the quality and stability of the synovial fluid
HC15 (hyaluronic acid and chondroitin complex): EP 2596796 is an exclusive Patent for Kinisis Progen.

Collagen peptides

They stimulate new collagen synthesis in the
articular cartilage

They improve the function of joints and muscles
by offering better mobility and pain relief

Ursolic acid

Promotes muscle growth and strength, by increasing muscle fibre strength and flexibility

Strengthens ligaments and tendons

Vitamin C

Enzymatically catalyses the biochemical reactions that
naturally induce collagen synthesis in the body

Has anti-inflammatory effects while it protects the body from free radicals

Helps absorb the active ingredients of the product

The advantages of the
supplement in potable form

• Higher content of active substances

• Extremely easy to take

• Absorption higher than 95%

• Excellent safety and tolerance

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